Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap...Cincinnati Style! Part 1

What a great weekend!  It was so great, that I decided to break this weekend recap in to two parts...I'll post the rest tomorrow :)

I took Friday off from work and dropped Admiral off at my parents for the weekend, then I picked up Kevin when he got done with his half day of work and we headed down to Cincinnati for the weekend.  Kevin's brother (Chris) and sister-in-law (Lisa) live in Cincinnati, so we went down there to hang out with them for the weekend.  Kevin's cousin (Drew) met us there (he lives in Chicago), and the group of us had a blast together.

We ate so much great food over the weekend and it started with Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Friday night when we arrived.  I'm pretty sure it was the best burger I've ever had.  After dinner, we all just hung out at Chris & Lisa's apartment and enjoyed delicious cupcakes from Abby Girl Sweets.  I had the carrot cake one and it was to die for!  If you're ever in Cincinnati, you have to get some of these cupcakes!

On Saturday morning, we got up and went to Gilpin's for breakfast.  They make steamed sandwiches.  I had the "Morning Breath" breakfast sandwich and OMG so good!  After breakfast we went to Sawyer Point and played tennis for a couple of hours.  I haven't played tennis in years, so I am definitely NOT a good tennis player, but I still had fun.

After tennis we came back to the apartment, got ready, and headed to the movies.  We saw Star Trek Into Darkness.  It was a great movie!  Our lunch that day was popcorn at the movies because we had to save our appetite for dinner.

Dinner that night was unreal.  We went to Boi Na Braza, which is a Brazilian Steakhouse.  You do not leave there hungry, that's for sure!  For starters they have a HUGE salad bar that included different cheeses, salad, beans, mashed potatoes, potato salad, rice, cheese covered broccoli, pasta, and so much more!  Then, for your main course, they bring out all different cuts of meat.  I mean they have everything...leg of lamb, filet mignon, bacon wrapped chicken, sausage, ribs, and sooooo much more.  You can eat as many different kinds as you want (or don't want).  I'm not a huge meat person (not a vegetarian-just never been really in to eating a lot of meat) and I loved it.  You have to try it if you've never been!

We were so full after dinner, that we just walked back to the apartment and hung out for the rest of the night.

Part II of the recap coming tomorrow, which includes a baseball game, more food, the zoo, and lots more pics!


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  1. You were in Cincinnati and I didnt know about it????? Booooo!!! :)

  2. I love carrot cake, that one probably would have been my favorite too :) We like to play tennis some weekends too but I'm also horrible, haha. That steakhouse sounds amazing.