Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Reply Card Stress

When we mailed out our wedding invitations, we gave our guests until June 1 to send back their reply cards. There are now 10 days until that deadline and we only have about half of reply cards back.  I'm starting to get a little stressed.

I didn't realize how much really depends on the total number of guests attending.  Not only do I need that number for the caterer, so we know how much food to order, I also need that number to know how many tables we need to set up, which also includes how many centerpieces we need.  We need to know that number so we print enough programs for the ceremony and have enough favors for at the reception.

I know that everyone always has people that don't RSVP and show up, and I know that we'll get reply cards after our "due date" has passed.  I also know that I will be able to estimate how people will be coming to get my final number.  However, it would be a lot less stressful for me if I didn't have to guess.  I mean, we gave people 5-6 weeks to send in their reply cards...I thought that would be enough time?

I know that some people might be waiting until the last minute to send in their reply card because they just aren't sure yet if they can come, and that's fine...but I just hope we get TONS of them in these next 10 days. I consider myself a planner and an organized person, so this kind of stuff stresses me out.  I don't want to be running around the week of the wedding picking up more things for centerpieces or favors, ya know?

Maybe I'm over-reacting.  Am I?  Or did you get stressed about this for your wedding too?  Is ok to start calling/emailing people shortly after the deadline to find out if they are coming?

Sorry that this post was kind of a rant, but I just had to get it out there.  Whew.  I feel a little better now :)



  1. This would stress me out too!! My invites are gonig out in two weeks...and I better get them all back asap!! I mean, THERE IS A STAMP ON IT, people need to send them back! haha!! :)

  2. Hi, I'm Ginny a new blogger from NC! I Just found you through Belle in Boot's linkup. I'm getting married in a year as well and am excited to read blogs about all things wedding with lovely girls like you. This is exactly the type of blog I'm looking for. I enjoyed this post and the fact that you are learning a lot throughout the planning process. I have heard and read so many things about the drama behind RSVPing. I've heard that a lot of times the bridal party wont even RSVP soemtimes and that can cause tension. How is it so hard to put an envelope in the mail? Haha. I just reserved my venue so I have some breathing time now. But I am a little anxious to tackle invitations. I am excited to surf your blog this weekend and follow you on your wedding journey.

    Ginny (

  3. LOL omg that sounds stressful! i hope you've gotten all your invites back by now.

    i love your blog and i found you thought the WW link-up! i'm also newly engaged, about to move into our first house, and a twenty-something! can't wait to follow your journey :)