Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  We spent Saturday playing softball in a tournament in Mt. Pleasant.  Sunday was spent doing yard work, grocery shopping, doing some laundry, cleaning, and making food for Monday...Monday was spent at a cookout with Kevin's side of the family.  Overall, a great weekend!  And now I'm looking forward to a 4-day work week :)

All of the girls at the cook out on Labor Day.
How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A to Z Survey

I saw this fun A to Z survey a while ago on Peanut Butter Fingers and I thought it'd be fun to do, since I have new followers (hi there!), and even if you've been reading for a while, I think these surveys are always fun to read :)  If you decide to do this, let me know so I can read yours!

A – Age: 28

B – Biggest Fear: Frogs/toads...I'm terrified of them.  I have no legitimate reason to be afraid of them, but my mom didn't like them, so I think I grew up with it in my head that I shouldn't like them either.  I'm totally ok with bugs, spiders, etc.  But no frogs or toads.  YUCK!

C – Current Time: 7:45 pm

D – Drink You Had Last: Lemonade

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Kevin

F – Favorite Song:  I always find myself saying "I love this song!"  But my favorite song is probably "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks.

G – Grossest Memory: Kevin throwing up in my car on his 21st birthday.  Then again on his 23rd birthday.  So gross!

H – Hometown: I grew up in Whitehall, MI...born and raised!  I've now lived in Grand Rapids, MI for five years and love it!  I do miss being close to the beach (Lake Michigan), but it's only about a 45 minute drive to get there.

I – In Love With: Kevin...and of course Admiral :)

J – Jealous Of:  Creative people...who can pull an outfit together without even thinking about it, or design/decorate a room with no effort.  I try so hard and just can't get it right haha

K – Kindest Person You Know: My mom

L – Longest Relationship: Kevin...we've been together for about nine years now!  Married for two.

M – Middle Name:  Marie

N – Number of Siblings: One sister

O – One Wish: That all of my family and friends live happy, healthy lives 

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: My mom, on my way home from work

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: "What kind of dog is that?" whenever I'm walking Admiral or when we go to the dog park...

R – Reason To Smile: Summer decided to last another week or two...after cool, fall-like temps last week, we have been back in the 80s this week!  Definitely not ready for summer to be over.

S – Song You Last Sang: "Wrecking Ball" by Eric Church.  It was on the radio on my way in to work this morning.

T – Time You Woke Up: 6:45 am

U – Underwear Color: Pink

V – Vacation Destination: I'd love to go to Bora Bora some day...but any place with a beach is fine by me!

W – Worst Habit: Picking my hang nails/dry skin on my fingers.  Can't stop.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had:  Not many.  Lots of X-Rays from the dentist (I have horrible teeth), a chest x-ray once, and one time on my foot.

Y – Your Favorite Food: My mom's sloppy joes and homemade mac n cheese.  I also love pizza, lasagna, spaghetti...basically, just give me all of the carbs!

Z – Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Recap: Fantasy Football, Hard Cider Run, Class Reunion, & More!

I had a busy, but fun-filled weekend so let's get to it...

FRIDAY:  Kevin and I headed to Muskegon Friday night for our fantasy football drive.  We try to do an "in person" draft when possible, because it's just more fun that way.  We had lots of yummy food to snack on while we all made our picks.

SATURDAY:  My sister and I headed to Grand Rapids Saturday morning for the Hard Cider Run.  Unfortunately, it rained most of the night and continued all morning, so it turned in to more of a mud run, but we still had fun!  The rain stopped by the end of the run, so we were able to enjoy some cider outside after we finished running.

I dropped my sister off after the run, and then I headed to my mother-in-law's to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday.  Then it was time to get ready for my 10 year high school reunion!  Kevin and I met up with some friends for dinner before the reunion, and then we headed out.  There wasn't a huge turn out, but it was fun!  It nice seeing people I hadn't seen in a while and chatting with everyone for a few hours.

SUNDAY:  Sunday was a lazy day.  I caught up on laundary, and that is about the extent of the work I did on Sunday.  Kevin and I took Admiral for a walk and I enjoyed an afternoon nap, magazine reading, and blog reading.  It was much needed after a busy week and weekend.  And now it's time to tackle another week--bring it on Monday!

Bella And The City

Monday, August 24, 2015


Happy Monday everyone!  I felt like I spent the majority of my weekend cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.  All the necessary, but not fun things, you know?  We did manage to sneak in a little fun this weekend though.  On Friday night, we went to a rooftop party that one of my co-workers was having.  It was a perfect night for it--beautiful weather, amazing food, and a gorgeous view of downtown Grand Rapids!

We headed out around 9:30 pm to go watch a friend's band play at a bar downtown.  We had fun listening to them and dancing while they played on a big outdoor patio area.

I didn't do a whole lot on Saturday other than grocery shopping, laundry, and other stuff around the house.  We rented a couple of movies Saturday night and had a low-key night in.  I got up early Sunday morning to head to Greenville for a softball tournament.  We ended up playing three games, but our day ended early after we loss two of the three.  I came home and finished up laundry, went for a run with Admiral, and baked my first ever loaf of blueberry zucchini bread.  As I'm writing this, I haven't tried it yet, but if it tastes good, I'll definitely share the recipe!

How was your weekend?  Do you feel like you're constantly trying to catch up on cleaning, laundry, etc??

Thursday, August 20, 2015

September Farm Feature & Giveaway!

I have been super busy this week with work and just life in general, but I'm not complaining :)  Just wanted to pop in real quick to say that I'm featured over on September Farm, along with three other great bloggers, so make sure you head over and check it out HERE.  Oh, and did I mention we are hosting a giveaway too?  Head over to September Farm to enter!

I hope you all had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Recap: MooseFest & Family

You know you had a great weekend when it's over in the blink of an eye.  This past week was another good one!  I got up early and headed to my parents' to meet up with my mom and my aunt.  We headed to MooseFest, which is a free country concert that a local radio station puts on every year.  They had a great lineup this year which included: Ten-Cent Heroes, Kari Lynch, Logan Mize, Mickey Guyton, Josh Dorr, Brothers Osborne, Michael Ray, and Thompson Square.  It was hot and sunny, as it always is, but we had a great time!

Our traditional breakfast of pretzels and beer!
my mom, me, and my aunt

My sister and I with the "Lumberjack" which is the mascot for the local hockey team :)

Thompson Square
Funny story...this couple won a "free" wedding from the radio station, so we all got to see them get married before the concert started haha.

On Sunday we had a cook-out at my parents' because some of my family were in town from Texas/Louisiana.  We had a great time eating, catching up, and playing yard games.  And then all of a sudden it was Monday!  But that's how it always goes...the best weekends never last long enough.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Living Room Style

We are slowly, but surely making our house a home.  This month marks three years since we bought and moved in to our first house.  We LOVE our house, but it has taken sooooo much longer than I imagined to get things how we want them (or should I say how I want them...my husband is fine with whatever).  We've painted a few rooms and done some little projects here and there, but I still have so much I want to do.  I mean, it took me nearly three years to finally fill the blank wall above the TV with this DIY Starburst Mirror!

The room we spend the most time in is our living room.  I have so many things I want to do in this room including paint, curtains, a new rug, and new furniture.  New furniture will be a big expense, so that probably won't happen soon, but I do want to keep that in mind when decorating the rest of the room, so that the furniture will fit with the rest of the room's style.

I recently found out about the site called Chairish, which is an exclusive curator approved, online marketplace for vintage furniture.  Our living room is small, so there is not a lot of room for big pieces, but we do want to enough seating for when we have people over.  I would love to find a fun chair that fits in out living room better than the one we currently have.  That's where Chairish comes in.  They have so many great, fun chairs to choose from!  I had a hard picking one to incorporate in my living room style board, but I did it :)  Here is what I am thinking for our living room:

Living Room Inspiration

I want something light and comfortable, with little pops of color here and there.   It's so hard for me to make up on my mind on things I want in a room, especially big pieces.  I'm hoping to slowly pull it all together over the next year or so, since I finally think I know what my "style" is.

Is decorating your home a long process for you too?  Or does it come easy for you?  If it comes easy for you, tell me your secrets!! :)

*I was not compensated for this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*