Friday, July 3, 2015

Oh Hey, Friday!

Let's just get right to it...

ONE.  Happy 4th of July weekend everyone!  I hope you all are able to celebrate with friends and family this weekend.  I LOVE this printable from The Contractor Chronicles--so true and so pretty.
Home of the free because of the Brave
Free printable from The Contractor Chronicles

TWO.  Thank you all so much for your sweet anniversary wishes on mine and Kevin's two year anniversary on Monday.  We didn't do gifts this year, because we decided to take a mini vacation instead.  Today we leave for Detroit, where we are going to the Tigers baseball games all weekend.  I'm so excited for a weekend away with my husband, filled with lots of sun, baseball, and yummy food!

THREE.  Last Sunday, Kevin and I joined two of our friends for a "Yard Games Olympics" charity event, and we had a blast!  There was ladder ball, corn hole, kan jam, a closest to the pin golf game, silent auctions, and good food.  Kevin and I were partners, and we ended up in 6th place, which we decided wasn't too bad.  Our friends took 2nd!  I would definitely do this again next year because we had so much fun.

FOUR.  Even though I love 4th of July weekend, Admiral hates it.  He hates fireworks. He shakes, pants, and wants to be cuddled when he hears them.  We usually end up going in the basement with him when he gets scared, because it's the only place he relaxes (like he can't hear them downstairs or something...).  Poor baby!

Cuddling in bed with his seal...dreading this weekend!

FIVE.  What are your plans for the weekend?  I would love to hear what you are up to!!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Two Years

Today marks two years since I walked down the isle and said "I do" to the love of my life.  These past two years have flown by.  Happy Anniversary to the most amazing guy I have ever met.  He's makes the happiest girl in the world, and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together.  I love you Kevin!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Oh hey Friday!

Happy Friday friends!  I'm hoping for some nice weather this weekend since we have lots of outdoor things planned.  Here's five random things on my mind today:

ONE.  Today I am writing this post from a coffee shop (I have Fridays off from work in the summer) and have lots of running planned for today.  I dropped Admiral off for a much needed bath and hair cut this morning, then I headed here for breakfast and coffee.  After I'm done here, I'm running lots of errands before I pick Admiral up and head home.  Yay for productive days!

TWO.  Speaking of Admiral...he received these Natural Balance Dental Chews from and he loves them!  And I love that they help support healthy teeth and gums :)  He was not happy that I made him sit by the bag of treats for a pic, because he could smell them and just wanted to chew one.  Once I gave it to him, he instantly started chewing it and didn't stop until it was gone!

THREE. On Sunday I'm hoping to go to an antique fair in the morning with my mom, and then Kevin and I are playing in a yard games tournament that afternoon.  I think we are going to have so much fun!  It's a charity event, and Kevin and I are partners for the tournament.  We will play cornhole, ladder ball, and kan jam.  I am so excited!

FOUR. Monday is our two-year wedding anniversary.  Since we both work on Monday and Kevin has a softball game that night, we are going out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate.  We have reservations at Charley's Crab.  I've never been there, and seafood is a favorite of mine, so I'm pretty excited to try it out.

FIVE.  One other thing we are hoping to fit in this weekend is power washing our deck and re-staining it.  I'm not sure we will get to the staining part, but I'm hoping we can at least get it power washed and scraped off.  Last summer we stained the deck (you can read about it HERE) using Olympic Rescue It and after winter, it all cracked/peeled/bubbled and looks horrible now.  So we are hoping we can get it off and it stain it with a regular stain.  We definitely will NOT be using the Olympic Rescue It again.

What are you up to this weekend??

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Lately

This summer has been so busy, but I'm ok with it.  #sorrynotsorry  We have been busy enjoying time with family, friends, and each other.  Playing softball, having cookouts, visiting family, concerts, art fairs, yard work, and the list goes on.  Today I thought I'd catch up with life through my iphone photos.

My lilies are opening and I LOVE them.  I love all of the bright colors.  I spent some time this weekend weeding/cleaning out my flower beds and they look so nice right now.

Admiral total photo bombed when I was taking pics of my lilies.  Silly boy.
We spent Father's Day with my Dad on Saturday night.  My mom made home made spaghetti (my Dad's favorite) and we hung out for a few hours.  We had lunch at Kevin's Dad's on Sunday to celebrate, and they grilled burgers and brats, which were delicious.  We came home and I spent some time doing a little yard work and working on finishing up a project that Kevin started (I'll share all about it once it's finished).

That's really all we've been up too.  And I've been so busy, I rarely get my phone out to take pics.  I hope you are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Bash 2015!

This past weekend was Birthday Bash 2015!  Birthday Bash is a yearly concert put on by the local radio station B93.7.  The tickets are free (you just have to pick them up from a ticket drop event).  You pay $60 for a two-day parking pass and then you have to buy your food and drinks while you are in the concert.  This year was my 7th year going to bash and once again we had a blast!  Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate, and we got soaked at the end of Saturday, and they had to cancel Sunday's concert due to storms and the conditions of the venue, but we can't control mother nature!

On Saturday we got to see a great lineup that included: Jackie Lee, Granger Smith/Earl Dibbles Jr., Maddie and Tae, Kip Moore, and Jake Owen.  Here's what our day looked like in photos:

Tradition: Start the morning with a Rumchata/Fireball shot!

Our group waiting in line!

My grandma bought us all these matching shirts to wear :)

Kip Moore
Jake Owen <3

This is what part of the parking lot looked like after a 30 minute down pour...and then it rained all night, which is why Sunday was canceled--the place was basically flooded!

After the 30 minute down pour on Saturday, the concert venue turned in to a mud pit!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!

I've missed this little blog over the past couple of just seems so busy during the summer that I don't post as much.  But I'm ok with it.  I'm happy to be out enjoying beautiful weather with family and friends :)  Anyway, here are five things that are making me happy this Friday!

ONE.  I don't have to work today!  I work for a school district, and during the summer we work four 10 hour days and have Fridays off, and this week was the start of that summer schedule.  I could totally get used to this schedule :)

TWO.  My peonies are just about done blooming.  I LOVE how big and pretty they are, and they smell amazing too.  Luckily, my lilies are just starting to open, so now I can start enjoying those.

THREE.  I can't believe the end of this month (June 29) will be mine and Kevin's two year anniversary already!  Get ready for an overload of wedding pics in the next few weeks.

FOUR.  I'm so glad warmer, sunnier weather has finally arrived in Michigan.  I love spending time outside on the deck reading and relaxing.  I plan to do a lot of that this summer, especially on my Fridays off!

FIVE.   It's Birthday Bash weekend!  Birthday Bash is a two-day country concert put on by a big radio station in the Grand Rapids area.  My mom, aunt, sister and I go ever year, and this year my aunt is in town from Louisiana and she is joining us!  This year's line up includes Montgomery Gentry, Jake Owen, Sam Hunt, Kip Moore, and several others.  Getting ready for a photo overload/recap next week!  (You can read about previous Birthday Bash concerts HERE and HERE.)

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