Thursday, October 23, 2014

One Room Challenge: Master Bedroom Progress

Last week I mentioned that I ordered curtains from WalMart (found HERE) for our Master Bedroom.  I just did the regular shipping (because I'm cheap) and they came in about two days--super fast.  I'm actually really happy with them, especially for the price.  The blue isn't the exact color I was hoping for, it's a little darker than I wanted, but for the price, I'm ok with it!  The curtains were only $19 for two panels!  I bought them for two windows, so for four panels, it was $38.  

I purchased curtain rods from Target in a nickel finish (found HERE) to match the lights on the bed and the new hardware I plan to get for the closet doors and dresser drawers.  I thought the curtain rods were decently priced and I'm happy with the way they look.  I needed two different sizes, since our front window is much larger than the other window.  The smaller rod was $13.79 and the larger one was $16.99, so the total was $30.78.  I used my Target debit card, so I did save an extra 5%.

Curtains: $38
Curtain Rods: $30
Total:  $68

Here is a little before & after of the curtains:

I think the curtains make a HUGE difference in the room.  It makes the room look a little more complete and cozy.  I love that the curtains add a little more color to the room, however, I think I'd like to add some pops of another color.  I love the little pops of pale pink, and even the pale yellow in this room below:

Love the subtle pops of pink in this room!
I'm thinking I can incorporate another color with throw pillows and wall decor, and maybe with things on our dressers or nightstands  Do you think the pale pink or pale yellow would go well in our bedroom?  Or what other color do you think I should add to the room?  

Here is what my check list for this room looks like so far:
- Touch up paint on walls and trim that need it.
- Caulk trim and wood paneled wall where needed.
- Purchase and hang curtains.-
- Replace drawer pulls on dressers.
- Replace handles on closet doors.
- Hang things on the wall/decorate the room.- De-clutter and organize dressers.
- Get white cord covers for the lamp cords on the headboard.

Still lots to do, but I'm happy with the progress I've made so far.  I'm hoping to get drawer pulls, door handles, and cord covers this weekend.

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  1. Looks good! Love this one room challenge, such a great idea to get motivated to decorate or update.

  2. Curtians up! Good job! I tried to accomplish that this week and nothing... Good luck!

  3. I love the new curtains! Curtains always make a room look so much more finished!

  4. I have to vote for pale pink:) And I'm with you...curtains always help make a room feel cozier!

    1. Thanks for your vote :) I'm usually not a pink person, but for some reason, that pop of pale pink in that photo really caught my eye.

  5. I love how the curtains make the room look more tied together! I think your inspiration picture is so cute!

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  6. I think the curtains look awesome! What a great deal! I think pops of yellow would look awesome in your room!

  7. The curtains do give the windows a finished look. I love pale pink and painted it in our last bedroom. That's my vote.

  8. So pretty!!! And I think pink would look great! Good luck this week! I can't believe we only have two weeks left...aghhh!