Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

ONE.  Last night my sister and I went and saw Kevin James perform.  If you remember, I actually got the tickets for Kevin and I for our anniversary, but he recently got a new job and he had a work event last night, so he couldn't go.  My sister and I had a great time.  We hung out and had a couple glasses of wine before the show, and another glass when we got home.  Kevin James put on a great show, and I'd definitely go see him again--really funny!

TWO.  If the weather cooperates, we plan on staining our deck tomorrow...wish us luck!

THREE.  Sunday night I have two drafts for the Fantasy Football leagues I'm in this year....Kevin is in both of them too, so we plan on sitting on the couch with our laptops and ordering pizza for dinner. Sounds like a great Sunday night to me!


FOUR.  Admiral got a bath and a haircut this week and he looks so handsome!  And he's super soft, which makes me want to cuddle with him 24/7.  I mean, look at that face:

FIVE.  In case you missed it, on Tuesday I showed off what our bedroom looks like with the trim painted.  I think it's a huge difference and I love how much brighter it makes the room.  You can check out all of the pics HERE.

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  1. I am just SO in love with that before and after!!! I'm in two fantasy leagues this year again, too, but our drafts are at like the last possible second this year haha.