Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Bonfire, Sunshine, & House Projects

This weekend recap is a little late, but our weekend was so busy and so fun, I didn't have to time write about it last here it is!

FRIDAY:  I took a half-day off from work and came home to relax on the deck in my new zero gravity chair that Kevin got me for my birthday.  I LOVE the chair and can't wait to use it again this weekend :)  I sat out and read while enjoying some cold beverages. 

When Kevin got home, we headed up to my parents for a bonfire for my birthday.  It was a small group of family and friends, but I had fun and can't wait for more bonfire nights!  My mom made some really yummy food, and luckily I got to bring some leftovers home with us.

This was the fire when we first started...
We let it die down so we could roast S'mores.  That would be my Dad, Admiral, and Kevin roasting marshmallows.
SATURDAY:  Kevin went golfing for a bachelor party all day on Saturday, so my dad came over and helped me with some projects around the house.  We did a couple small things like replace the deadbolt in our front door (which hasn't worked in a LONG time, I just finally got around to getting a new one to replace it), and replacing the lock on our back slider--it broke while my dad was there, so he helped me take it apart and showed me what I needed to get to I did that after he left.

We did a couple larger projects too.  One was removing the old satellite dish from our back yard.  The previous owners had dish, but we don't and will not get it, so we wanted the dish gone.  We had to pull up all the cables that ran across our entire yard, and then dig up the dish.  So my dad helped with that and then I filled everything in after he left.  Glad to have that ugly thing out of our yard!

The biggest project was the headboard.  Last week I shared my ideas for removing the built in headboard because it sticks out of the wall and drives me nuts.  It makes our nightstands too far from our bed, and then they don't fit right in the room.  Instead of tearing out the entire headboard, we decided to just cut it down.  This wasn't an easy project, as we had to be careful not to damage the walls, and it was built really well, so it took us a good 1.5 hours to finish, but I LOVE the result.  It's not totally done, but I was able to put the night stands where I wanted them, and it is SO much better!  I'm hoping to paint the trim and everything this weekend, so I'm excited about how it will look when it's all done!

All the wood we removed.
You can see where we removed part of it.  This will all get painted white.
You can see that the nightstand actually goes next to the bed now.  Before it had to be right next to the doorway and you pretty much ran in to the corner of it when you walked in the room.
SUNDAY:  On Sunday we went up to a lake with some friends and just relaxed on the water.  It was great!  One of our friends has a huge six person inflatable tube thing, so we tied it to the end of the dock and the six of us just sat on it for several hours.  It was just what I needed!  After some time at the lake, Kevin and I headed home to finish up some yard work (mowing, weed whacking, weeding, watering never ends).

We had a GREAT weekend full of some of my favorite things: family, friends, bonfires, and sunshine!  I can't wait to hopefully finishing painting this weekend...but if the weather is nice, I might end up enjoying the sunshine instead.  The painting can wait for a rainy day, right?


  1. Yay, I was wondering what you ended up deciding to do with your headboard. I think that was a great idea! I love bonfires, I always have to make s'mores when there is fire around. I'm kinda craving that too!

  2. Such a great weekend for you. And can't wait to see the finished bedroom!

  3. What a fun birthday weekend!! How great is it to have your dad there to help with house projects, too?! You're getting so much accomplished!

  4. Looks like a really great weekend :) I love weekends where you get a ton of stuff done but you also get to play!

  5. I just love your Doodle!! Sounds like a fun weekend!

  6. You were so productive this weekend! That's such an awesome feeling! I love how Admiral is in the picture next to the fire roasting marshmallows! So cute!