Friday, July 25, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

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ONE.  Kevin and I play on a co-ed softball team on Tuesday nights, and this week our team won the tournament!  We were ranked #2 in the tournament and we ended up playing a double header.  We won the first game 22-13 and the second game 18-3!

TWO.  I'm a little behind on reading blogs, but I'm hoping to catch up today!  I have the day off from work (but I do have to work tomorrow), and while my goal is to paint this weekend, I might end up sitting out on the deck in the sun reading...I'm ok with that.

THREE.  Every year, Grand Rapids has a sandwich contest called Grandwich.  A bunch of restaurants create a Grandwich and then the public tries them over a period of a couple of weeks and then they vote for their favorites.  The top 10 is then announced, and then eventually the winner.  The other day for lunch, my co-worker and I got two of the Grandwiches and split them.  The first is from a place called San Chez.  It was good, but didn't "wow" me.
Black pepper turkey from Golden Legacy with smoked Wisconsin cheddar, mojo marinated onions, jalapeño slices, roasted garlic, Michigan Bee Co. jalapeño honey, spicy yellow mustard, and an Eggland's Best over-medium egg.

The second was from Peppinos and it was really good!
Frank's Market kielbasa, Stehouwer's shaved ribeye, bacon, ham, carmelized onions, and marinated heirloom tomatoes piled on a fresh Ciabatta then smothered with a rich Founder's Pale Ale Tomato Cream sauce. 

FOUR.  I'm running the Color Run next Sunday with my sister.  It's a fun run, so I'm not too worried about my training being less than great, but I need to find another race to run soon.  When I sign up for races it keeps me more motivated to keep running.  Anyone else feel the same way? 

FIVE.  I saw these monogrammed chucks on Pinterest Told Me To, but they are actually a photo from Our Fifth House.  I think I need the blue ones.  You can see all of the different options HERE.  The $98 price tag is a little much for me, but I think these will be on my Christmas wish list :)

I think I NEED some monogrammed chucks!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Those sandwiches!!! YUM!!! And congrats on your softball win!
    Thanks so much for linking up!
    :) Andrea

  2. The Grandwich?! Oh my! Where have those been all my life?


  3. Those Grandwiches sound amazing! And have fun at your Color Run! I've always wanted to do one! I'm sure you'll have a blast!

    Saying hi from the linkup!

  4. A Grandwich constest sounds fun! And they look yummy! I love me a good sandwich! A softball tournament sounds so fun! How cool that you guys won! Yay for the color fun run! I'm doing one next Friday too! It's actually the first 5k I've ever done! Although I won't be getting serious over it... ;) Have a good weekend!

  5. The food looks so good. Now I am hungry! And have fun at your run.

  6. Way to go on softball!!! I loveeee the monogrammed shoes!! Adorable!!

  7. OMGGG that second grandwich looks insane!!

  8. I am the same way about the 5k's being motivating to run.. I would not have run one single step this summer if it wasn't for the 5k I signed up for with my sister in September.. I want to do a Color Run so badly! Maybe that will be next :)