Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap: Food & Golf

I had a great weekend filled with food, jewelry, friends, and golf.  On Friday, I walked around ArtPrize with some friends/co-workers and we grabbed lunch from a food truck.  It was my first time eating from a food truck and it was DELICIOUS.  I wish we had these all the time!

Friday night I was extremely lazy and didn't do anything except make dinner and watch TV.  On Saturday, Kevin and I went to the mall to drop our wedding rings off.  He needed his resized and I needed mine soldered together.  It's going to be a couple weeks before we get the rings back and I feel so weird without mine!  I picked up a super cheap super fake ring to wear until I get it back.  On our way to the mall, we picked up some super yummy donuts from Marge's Donut Den.  They have the BEST donuts.

I had a Premier Designs Jewelry show at my house a couple weeks ago and all of my jewelry came this weekend!  I'm can't wait to wear it all!!!

On Sunday morning, Kevin and I went golfing with some friends.  I actually did pretty decent for not golfing at all this year, and only going once last year.  We had fun, but it was pretty cold!  We spent the rest of Sunday doing laundry and watching football.  I also started putting up our fall decorations, but still have more to do.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Yum! Those nachos look so good! I have never ate from a food truck. I had to get my ring sized before the wedding and it felt so weird not to have it! Jason and I didn't want to wear our rings on our honeymoon and take a chance of losing them in the ocean so we got fake rings.. it was fine until my finger started turning green haha!

  2. My coworkers keep talking about the food trucks in Baltimore, but I still have never ate from a food truck! I want to though! Those nachos look so good! You'll have to post pictures after you finish decorating for fall :)

  3. What kind of food did the food truck have? They are becoming more popular in some parts of South Carolina. I haven't seen any but I want to try one.