Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon (pt 1)

This is part one of our honeymoon posts.  I started putting it together and realized it was going to be really long, so I broke it in to two parts.

Kevin and I went to Atlantic City, NJ on our honeymoon.  I know that might not sound like a typical honeymoon spot, but let me explain.  Kevin HATES to fly, so we wanted to go somewhere we could drive to.  I wanted somewhere with a beach, so we figured somewhere on the East coast would be perfect.  

We started looking at Virginia Beach, but prices for condos were pretty expensive, and we were worried that we might not have a whole lot to do besides the beach (Kevin is not a huge beach person, so we wanted to make sure we had other things to do too).  Someone had mentioned Atlantic City to me and so I started looking in to it.  

Kevin and I both like to gamble, it has a beach, TONS of things to do, and the prices were actually a lot cheaper than Virginia Beach.  So that's what we decided to do!

The day after the wedding, we all met at my parents house for brunch (left over wedding food and cake) and so everyone could watch Kevin and I open our wedding gifts.  Both mine and Kevin's family were invited and quite a few people came, which was nice since we didn't necessarily have time to chat with them the day of the wedding.

After we ate and opened our gifts, Kevin and I left to head to Canton, OH.  We both love football so we decided that we would drive to Canton and spend the night, then get up early Monday and go to the Football Hall of Fame before driving the rest of the way to Atlantic City.  We had a blast at the Pro Football Hall of Fame!  If you are a football fan and you've never been, I definitely suggest going if you get the chance.

After the Pro Football Hall of Fame we drove the rest of the way to Atlantic City.  Next week I'll share our five days in Atlantic sure was fun!!!


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  1. Ooh that does look like fun! I know that Jeremy would love to go there sometime. I need to figure out if that would be possible one day. I have no idea where Canton, OH is though!

    Thanks for linking up! I can't wait to see about Atlantic City next week!!

  2. What a nice idea to invite family over to watch you open your gifts! :)

  3. Looks like fun! The Hall of Fame is really awesome! Haven't been in years but definitely want to take Andrew there!

  4. Atlantic City sounds like an awesome honeymoon, can't wait to read more about it! Such an awesome idea you stopped at the Hall of Fame on your way there! So cool!

    p.s. love your new site design!