Monday, October 22, 2012

The Bedroom is Finally Painted!

I finally did it.  I FINALLY painted the bedroom!  The color is not exactly what I had hoped's lighter than I thought it would be, but I like it.  I think anything would have been better than the green that was in there.  I wanted a light color to brighten up the room because there is so much dark wood in that room (floors, trim, closet doors, headboard wall, dressers...).  I also wanted something neutral   The color is called "Brandied Pear" and it's Olympic paint from Lowe's.  I used the paint and primer in one, but I still had to prime the room first.  Because we were going from such a dark color to a light color, the guy at Lowe's said we'd probably either have to prime first or do two coats of the paint/primer.  We already had some primer at home, so instead of buying two gallons of paint, I just used that primer and bought one gallon of paint.


(Please don't look at the mess on the floor.  The Admiral thought he needed to be in the pics.  And the sign above the bed is not staying--I don't like it there, at least not by itself, but for now, it's there.  I took the "after" pics at night, so they aren't good, sorry.)

As you can see, the bright green would not have matched our blue and brown comforter.

I wanted the wall color to be more like the tan on the bottom of the comforter, but it obviously is not that dark, but I still like it better than the green!

Kevin still thinks I painted the walls white and I guess I can't blame him, it is really light!  But it does have a yellow/tan-ish tint to it.  Overall I'm happy with the way it turned out...I'm just glad the green is gone and now I can really start decorating the bedroom!

We had a really productive weekend.  On Friday night we got pizza, rented movies, and just hung out at home, since it was a rainy night and we knew we were going to busy the next two days.  Saturday we got up and got rakes and paint from Lowe's and then went grocery shopping.  We got the back yard all raked Saturday afternoon.  Then I went to work priming and painting the bedroom--that was an all night project, but totally worth it.

Kevin and The Admiral when we were raking the back yard:

 He made a nice cozy bed on the floor to take a nap after his long day raking:

Sunday I woke up sore from raking and painting (can you tell I'm really out of shape?).  We got ready and headed to our parents for the day.  My mom and I went and visited my friend Kristen and her new baby boy--I swear I could just hold him and stare at him all day, he's too cute!  Then Kevin and I went to lunch with his family at his grandma's before headed back home.

We were all pretty tired from our busy weekend, so we just kind of hung out and watched football for the rest of the night.  The Admiral went and got in bed at 7:30 p.m. because he was tired from his long weekend too :)

Have I mentioned that I'm reading Fifty Shades of Grey?  Kevin got me the trilogy for an early Christmas present....I'll admit, I'm addicted.  I'm about half-way through the first one and I'm enjoying it so far.  Anyone else reading them or already read them?  What did you think?


  1. I sort of liked the "before" green color on the walls! ha ha But totally understand you wanting a more neutral color. Have I told you that I LOVE the built in headboard?? It's awesome! And I totally agree- little Cam is definitely something I could watch all day long! :) ha ha

    1. It actually looks better in the pictures than it really was more of a "baby poop green" when you see it in person haha. I agree, in the pics, it doesn't look bad. And with my blue comforter, it drove me nuts! LOL