Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

I normally recap my weekend with a recap and some pics.  Well, this weekend was fairly uneventful and I took exactly one picture all weekend:

I told you our weekend was uneventful.

Kevin and I went and saw Lewis Black at LaughFest on Thursday night.  It was a fun show and we had a good time.

Two of my cousins were in town this week from Louisiana and they stopped over on Friday night.  We had pizza and just hung out.  It was good to see them and catch up.  Can't wait for all of my out-of-town family to be here in June for the wedding!

On Saturday my mom and I went shopping to try to find her a dress for the wedding.  She found three that she liked, but didn't buy any of them.  That just means we get to go shopping again :)  Then we went and got my "undergarments" for under my wedding dress.  Tip: Do not got a bridal shop on a Saturday afternoon during prom season.  Total chaos.  After we got back, Kevin and I went to the mall real quick and he picked up the rest of his gifts for his guys, and then we came home and just hung out the rest of the night.

Sunday morning I took Kevin to the airport.  He is in California this week for training for work--Admiral and I miss him already!  After I left the airport, I went and got some groceries and then Admiral and I went to the dog park for a while.  The weather was so beautiful on Sunday, so we ended up going for a walk after the dog park.  I just couldn't sit inside all day and not enjoy the sun!

So no St. Patrick's Day shenanigans for me!  Actually, come to think of it, I don't think I have ever had green beer!  I think I need to change that next year!  We've just been so busy every weekend, that I enjoyed having some quiet time at home this weekend to relax clean.

Did you have a more eventful weekend than me?  Any fun St. Patrick's Day stories?


  1. new follower via link up! i just got married a few months ago, so i am excited to read about all of your adventures!!

    1. would love to be bloggin friends!

  2. My weekend was pretty uneventful too. But I didn't mind :)

    When I went dress shopping with my mom, she bought three different dresses (from different stores). It wasn't until the night before the wedding that she decided which one she would wear. It was cute. Hehe.

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