Thursday, January 3, 2013


First off, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!  A holiday recap post will be coming eventually...but until then, here is a fun little money saving wedding post :)

Kevin and I decided that we want to have the little bottles of bubbles to hand out to people after the wedding, so they can blow bubbles at us as we walk out of the church (instead of doing bird seed).  One day, I was just randomly browsing wedding stuff on craigslist and saw an ad for someone selling 191 of the little bottles of bubbles for just $15!  Want to know what's even better?  They were PURPLE bottles!  In case you didn't know, purple is our main wedding color.

I emailed the girl and she still had the bubbles, so we met up and I bought them.  The girl had an outdoor wedding, but it rained, so they didn't use the bubbles, although she thinks some of the kids may have taken some bottles to play with, hence 191 bottles instead of an even 200.  

When I looked up the cost of purchasing bubbles, it would have been about $25 plus tax and shipping to order them online, so I think I got a good deal.  If you are looking for cheap wedding decorations, don't rule out craigslist as a never know what you might find!


  1. Very true! It's amazing what you can make and save so much money... with just a little time and crafty hand!!!! Good Job Ericka!!!

  2. What a steal! This will be so much fun at your wedding!