Friday, July 10, 2015

Birthday Wish List

Since my birthday is next Thursday, I thought I would share my Birthday Wish know, just in case anyone is in the giving mood :)

Birthday Wish List 2015

1.  Sperry Cherubfish Mariner Shoes.  I've wanted a pair of Sperry's for a while now, and I love these!  I already told my husband I wanted these, and they are on sale for $70 (instead of $90), so I'm hoping they show up for my birthday :)

2.  Kendra Scott 'Parker' Stud Earrings.  I need some cute gold stud earrings and I think these would be perfect!

3.  Tory Burch Fitbit Wrap Bracelet.  I think these Tory Burch fitbit wrap bracelets are so dang cute!  However, the price tag on these is not so cute ($175 each).  I have many different color bands for my fitbit, but I'd really like a brown or tan one to add to my collection.

4.  Curling Wand.  I've seen so many great hair tutorials using curling wands, so I really want to get one and see how it works on my hair.

5.  Midi Rings.  I love the look of midi rings, but don't own any yet.  This set from Nordstrom is super cute, and is only $14!

6.  Detroit Tigers Shirt.  I have lots of cute Tigers t-shirts and tank tops, but  I don't have any cute long sleeve shirts or sweatshirts.  I'd love to add a couple to my closet for those chilly night games :)

7.  Stretch Headbands.  When I run or workout, I like wearing a headband to keep loose hairs out of my face and off my neck.  All of mine are getting pretty worn out/stretched out, so I'd love to add some new, cute ones to my collection!

What's on your Birthday Wish List this year??


  1. I got a curling wand at the beginning of the year and it's amazing! It seems awkward at first and there's definitely a learning curve, but I love the waves it makes. I definitely recommend getting a heat glove since there's no clamp.

  2. Oooh I like those headbands! Mine always tend to fall off my head, so if you get these, let me know how they work! I also love that Sperry design!

  3. I love those Sperry's! And those fitbit bracelets are so cute but wow, pricey!!