Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wedding & Puppy

I had a good weekend, but as usual, it ended way too quickly!  

FRIDAY: I ran some errands after work, then came home and took Admiral for a walk.  I started putting out my fall and Halloween decorations.  I'm still not quite finished, but it's looking good!

SATURDAY: I worked Saturday morning and then came home and got ready to go to a wedding.  Kevin was an usher in the wedding, so he was already there.  The wedding was outside and the weather could not have been more perfect.  The bride was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we had a great time!

SUNDAY:  We headed to over to my parents' on Sunday morning because on Saturday night, they got a new puppy!  He is an 9 week old Goldendoodle, and he is the sweetest little guy!  They haven't "officially" named him yet, but they have been calling Rambo, and I think that might stick.  We stayed and played with him for a while and then headed home.  The rest of the night was filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and watching football.  

I didn't run at all this weekend, so I'm really hoping to get back on track this week....starting with tonight.  Hope you had a great weekend, and happy Monday!

Weekend Recap


  1. What a cute puppy! No name yet?

  2. The puppy is so cute! I love weddings, we haven't been to many this year, but have so many already for next year. Found you from the blog hop.

  3. Awww! that puppy is so cute! :) Looks like a fun weekend!!!