Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Admiral's Day at the Vet

For those of you who might be new, Admiral is our (my fiance and I) two-year old Goldendoodle.  He is the sweetest dog ever!  He's also the cutest dog ever.  Ok, I might be a little biased on this, but look at that face!

Today Admiral had to go to the vet, just for his yearly check up and shots.  He is so well behaved when we go to the vet...he just chills out and waits for the doctor:

I also had them look a couple of scabs that he had on his nose.  I'm not sure how he got the first one, but then he would scratch it every couple of days and it would re-open.  In the process of scratching it, he gave himself another little scratch/scab.  So the vet shaved a little area to get a better look.

Luckily, it wasn't anything to be concerned about and it wasn't infected (which is what I was worried about).  The vet thinks that now that the area is shaved, it will heal faster without all of the hair in the way.  Now we just have to deal with his goofy little shaved spot until it grows back :)

This week, we are dog-sitting for Kevin's mom's two dogs.  They happen to be Admiral's mom (Callie-the white one) and Diego is Admiral's brother from another litter.  Kevin and I took all three of them on a walk last night.  It was pretty fun!

Admiral is such a great dog, I just love having him in my life!!

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  1. oh my gracious those dogs are huge and fluffy! They look cuddly :)

  2. What a good boy behaving at the vets! He really is too cute :)