Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get Healthy, Not Skinny: Workouts

This is post #2 for the Get Healthy, Not Skinny link up I'm participating in.  My first post explained my story and my goals for this link up.  Today, I'm talking about my current and future workout plans.

My fiance and I had been really good about going for walks (with the dog) once and sometimes twice a day for about 2-3 weeks, and then winter hit.  I live in Michigan, and our winters can be pretty unpredictable sometimes.  We had two days of rain and 50 degree weather, and now it has been snowing for several days, and is supposed to continue for another day or two.

Kevin and Admiral playing in the snow this weekend.
Admiral loves playing in the snow :)

The cold weather and snow makes it hard for us to go out and walk, so my cardio hasn't been what I want it to be.  I don't have a gym membership (don't really want to pay the big $$ for one right now) and we don't have any cardio equipment at home.  So right now, my cardio is pretty much non-existent.

I have been doing the workouts I find on every once in a while.  They are super easy and don't require any gym equipment, except maybe a couple light weights.  My goal is to do at least one of these workouts every day.  They aren't time consuming and only take maybe 20 minutes to complete.  I'd love to do one before work and one after work, especially on days we don't go for walks.

Once the snow starts going away, I want to get back to walking at least once a day.  My ultimate goal is that my walks turn in to runs.  Even though I hate running, I love how I feel after a run.  I hope that by putting these goals in writing, I'll hold myself more accountable.  Head over to Cherish's blog to read about other bloggers who want to get get healthy.

I'll leave you with some more pictures of Admiral playing in the snow this weekend.


  1. Ericka! I LOVE your pictures! Thank you for linking up again this week and for sharing your workouts and your goals! I will be praying that you can, in fact, turn your walks into runs in the future! :) I'll have to check out the website you shared! I hope you have a fabulous week! xoxo

  2. Stopping by from the blog hop and following! Is Admiral a labradoodle? We have a 4 year old labradoodle and they are just the best dogs!