Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year Goals

To kick off 2017, I thought I'd write down my goals for the year. I'm always hoping to do the usual: be healthier, more organized, and an overall better person. But I feel like I need some tangible goals to help push me. So here are a couple:

1. Run a marathon. Whoa. Crazy talk. That's 26.2 miles. I don't think I've fully comprehended what I got myself in to. Thankfully, Kevin is doing it with me, so we can push each other. We signed up already, so that's the first step!

2. Grow this blog. I miss writing posts, interacting with readers and other bloggers, and reading other blogs. I want to be more intentional about my posts and social media presence. 

3. Home improvements. That's pretty vague. I've decided that I want to go room by room in our house and "finish" the rooms. I don't think rooms will actually ever be finished because I'll want to change things all the time, but I have lists of things I want to do in each room in our house. Some lists are longer than others, but there are things I want to do in each. I'm not putting a timeline on any of this, so I don't get overwhelmed. But I already know what's first (hint: bedroom closet) and I plan to start on it this weekend!


So there you have it. My three goals for 2017. Here's to making this year great! 

Did you make any goals or resolutions for the new year?

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