Friday, February 19, 2016

Louisiana Vacation Recap - Part 3 (The End)

You can find part 1 of my vacation recap HERE and part 2 HERE

After getting back to Baton Rouge, we headed toward New Orleans for more Mardi Gras parades...where we once again got more beads!

Deep fried bacon. OMG

These are all of the beads and goodies my mom and I got from our Mardi Gras fun...35 pounds of beads (yes--we weighed them)!

Since we had to leave super early on Thursday to catch our plane, we spent Wednesday relaxing, shopping, and of course, eating. We went to Walk-On's for lunch, which is a sports bar place...funny story: On the way to Baton Rouge, I sat next to a chef from Walk-On's that was headed home. We got to talking and he ended up giving me a gift certificate to the restaurant, which is why we decided to go there. They had a great menu and the food was delicious.

My trip to Louisiana was amazing. I loved spending quality time with family and getting to experience Mardi Gras. If you ever get the to go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, do it! The people watching, parades, and food are so worth it! I would definitely go back again...and I just might have to :)

Have you ever been to New Orelans and/or Mardi Gras? What was your favorite thing to see or do or eat there?


  1. That is so crazy how many beads you got! I've never been or had interest in going to Mardi Gras because I always thought it was basically all about boobs. Lol.

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! How fun that you got to spend time with family and experiencing Mardi Gras!! It looks like you tried all kinds of amazing food too. Loved reading all about your trip!