Friday, August 17, 2012

House Hunting

In January, my fiance and I decided we wanted to start looking for a house (we weren't engaged at this point).  We were sick of renting and wanted something more permanent and something that was our own.  Our lease on our apartment was ending at the end of April, so we figured since it was a "buyers market" we'd have no problem finding a house before our lease ended.  Boy were we wrong.

We put an offer in on a house in March, but did not get it.  The day I found out that we didn't get the house was the day that Kevin proposed; March 12, 2012.  It turned out to be a great day after all <3

When April rolled around and we hadn't found a house yet, we started discussing our options.  Our apartment complex was raising our rent plus we had to pay more to sign a short-term lease.  So we decided that we were not going to renew our lease and we would move back in with our parents until we found a house.  Then we would be able to save some money by living at home.  Little did I know it would be four months after moving back in with my parents before we found a house.  Let me tell you, after living on your own, moving back home is VERY difficult.

Shortly after we moved back in with our parents, we found another house that we put an offer on, but we were out bid on it.  Another bummer.  The search continued.  

One day we were out with our realtor, looking at some houses, and he told us that he had just met with a couple that wanted to sell their house, and he thought their house was something we might like.  It hadn't been listed yet, but he called them and asked if we could stop over and see it since we were in the area.  After seeing the house, we realized that it was perfect for us!  We wrote up an offer and gave it to them a couple days later, before they even listed the house.  They counter-offered and we accepted!  We were soooo happy!

There have been so many steps along the way to get to the closing process.  We had to have a home inspection, appraisal, loan paperwork, home owner's insurance, etc.  So many forms and's just a lot of paperwork and waiting.  I will be so happy when this entire process is over with.  We were hoping to close today (Friday, 8/17), but that didn't work out.  So hopefully we can close early next week--keep your fingers crossed for us!  We can take possession of the house seven days after we close (part of our purchase agreement).  We are so close to finally having our own house!  I can't wait to move in and have our little family together again.  And by family I mean me, Kevin, and our dog, The Admiral (can you guess who picked that name?).  I could do a whole post just about the dog--I love him :)  Maybe that will be my next post...

Once we close and move in to our house, I'll definitely be posting pics (after I figure out how to do that).


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