Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Intentional Life Project Info/Details

I've been participating in the Intentional Life Project for the past few months now and many of you have commented on my posts saying you would like to participate or use the handy goal tracker.  So, today I wanted to share the details of how you can participate and even win a prize!  

You can find all of the details and download the goal tracker HERE.

Each month, the link up is on the last Friday of the month with Ginny, Bre, and a different co-host each month (I'm the co-host for June).  Each month there is a prize that will be randomly awarded to someone who links up.  It's super easy.  Just track your goals, post about it, and link up!  The schedule for the topics/goals for each month and the linkup date are listed below.

I hope to be reading some of your posts about improving the mind and soul on May 30!

My goal is going to be to read more.  I love reading, but haven't been doing much of it lately, so I want to get back in to it.  Every day that I read, whether its 20 minutes or 2 hours, I'm marking it on my goal tracker.  What are you goals for this month?

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