Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon (pt 2)

You can read part one here.

We arrived in Atlantic City around 8:00 p.m. on Monday night and checked in to the Trump Taj Mahal.  We were very happy with our choice to stay there.  The room was really nice and big and it was located right on the main boardwalk, so we just walked out of the casino/hotel and we were on the boardwalk.  We also had a view of the ocean from our room!

The view from our hotel room....not bad!
Since we were tired from driving by the time we arrived on Monday night, we decided to eat dinner (there were tons of restaurants in our casino/hotel) and hang out at the casino in our hotel that night.  We had some drinks and did some gambling before heading to bed.

Lobster Spring Roll Appetizer-delicious!
On Tuesday we got up and explored the boardwalk.  Tip: wear comfortable shoes!  The boardwalk is much larger than we thought and we both wore sandals and our feet were killing us by the time we got back.  I think the total length of the board was like 5 or 8 miles...and then you have to walk back.

It was a little rainy that morning, so we decided to go to the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum that was located on the boardwalk.  It was fun going in there and seeing all of the cool stuff they had.  By the time we were done in the museum, the rain had stopped and we kept walking along the boardwalk.

We decided to play mini golf before lunch.

We went to Nathan's Hot Dogs for lunch and it hit the spot!

After our walk, we went to check out hour hotel's pool.  It was indoors and filled with kids, so we stayed in the pool for about five minutes before decided to go sit on the sun deck.  Much more relaxing!  Kevin hates laying out, so he decided to go gamble while I soaked up some sun.  

We met back at the room a little while later to go get ice cream.  We ended up getting ice cream AND deep friend oreos.  Also, on our walk to to get ice cream...we BOTH got pooped on by seagulls!  How gross is that?  There are tons of seagulls on the boardwalk because there are people and food vendors everywhere.  I'm actually amazed it only happened once to each of us the entire time.

Deep friend oreos
Tuesday night we gambled and went to the "light show" that takes place every night on the boardwalk.  I thought it was just going to be some laser lights set to music, but it was so much more awesome!  They had a music "show" that was projected on to a building set to music.  It was all different eras of music.  It's hard to capture just how neat it really was in pictures, but trust me, it's definitely something to check out if you ever in Atlantic City.

Wednesday morning we went to breakfast and then decided to spend the day at the beach.  Every day we were in Atlantic City, it was really foggy in the morning and then it would clear up.


Wednesday night we had reservations at Bobby Flay's Steakhouse.  This wasn't on the boardwalk, so we took a cab.  It was the best dinner ever.  I had shrimp scampi (I'm not a big steak person) and Kevin had a Kobe Beef steak.  We had mashed potatoes and asparagus as our sides and baked Alaska for dessert.

When we got back from dinner, we walked the boardwalk and we decided to grab some pretzels on the way back to snack on later.  The sign outside the pretzel shop said 20 pretzels for $5.  We figured they were bite size ones and decided to get that.  Imagine our surprise when they loaded up a bag with 20 FULL SIZE PRETZELS for $5!!!

On Thursday we took a cab to an aquarium we had heard about that wasn't too far away.  We had fun, but it was really small and was geared more toward little kids.  We had fun anyway and there were some great views from the top of the aquarium, so it wasn't a total loss!

The tall buildings in the fog are on the boardwalk where we stayed.
Thursday night was the 4th of July, so we went out on the beach to enjoy some fireworks.  They had three spots where they were launching fireworks along the boardwalk, so no matter where you were, you had a great view!  I didn't take any pictures of the actual fireworks, but it was a great display!

Friday morning we ate breakfast and then got in the car and drove back home.  Our plan was to drive half-way and stop for the night and drive the rest of the way on Saturday, but we decided to just drive the whole way on Friday so we had two full days at home before we had to go back to work.

Our honeymoon was the perfect get away for us, and a place that I wouldn't mind going back to in the future  I'm just glad I was able to share such a great experience with my husband.


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  1. Aww this looks like it was so much fun! I love everything you did. How cool!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Aww what a great trip! Looks like you guys had a great time. The light show looks so cool, too! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Looks like an amazing time with tons of good food!

  4. Oh my goodness, so many things I want to comment on! :) Your hotel looks amazing and how perfect that it was right on the boardwalk!? That is crazy that seagulls pooped on you! Haha! Makes an interesting honeymoon story for sure! Bobby Flay's Steakhouse looks like it was amazing! I need to go there too! And so awesome how many pretzels you got for five bucks! Wow! Looks like you guys had an amazing honeymoon, I love everything you did and all the pictures you took :)

  5. It looks like one of the best honeymoons ever! All that food is making me hungry (especially the deep fried oreos!)

  6. Looks like so much fun, AC is one of our favorites!

  7. Looks like yall had a great time! Your pictures are great! I also noticed that you had friends on in your hotel room! Girl after my own heart!! I had fun co-hosting with you today!