Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

I took Friday off from work, so I enjoyed a four day weekend!  My goal was to get lots of things accomplished at home, and I think we did that.

I got rid of all the yard sale stuff we didn't sell this year (I donated it), so that cleared out a corner of the garage.  I also worked on putting away some wedding gifts and just cleaned up in general.  I also hung the wreath that my mom made for me.  I was going to wait until next 4th of July to hang it, but I figured Labor Day was a perfect time to enjoy it now!

On Saturday, Kevin did some yard work that needed to be done, and I stenciled our wall/headboard in our bedroom.  (If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you've already seen it).  I'll be doing a full post with pictures/tutorial soon, but I must say, I LOVE the way it turned out!  But it did take me pretty much all of Saturday to get done.

Sunday was my family's Labor Day party so we spent the majority of the day at my Aunt & Uncle's house.  We ate tons of good food, played some ladder ball, and enjoyed some time around a fire.'
My grandma and I on the swing :)
My cousin Cole and my mom.

This is a gotto (got-o)...because you gotto have one!  You can see someone roasting one in the picture above.  It is a pillsbury biscuit stretched out and wrapped around a hot dog stick.  You roast it over the fire until it's golden brown (don't burn it).  Then you roll it in butter, then roll it in cinnamon and sugar, pull it off the stick, and eat!  They are sooo good!  You have to try them at your next bon fire.  Trust me...delicious.

Monday was Kevin's family Labor Day party, so we headed to Grandma's to enjoy some family time and pizza hobo pies (soooo good).  We headed home to finish up some yard work.  We cleaned out the gutters, which we haven't done since we moved in one year ago.  I don't know when it was done before we moved it, but they were gross.  I'm embarrased to admit it, but it some spots, there was so munch gunk built up that there were plants growing in the gutter!  I know, gross.  But we cleaned them all out and we are good to go!

I hope you were able to enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  Here's to a short work week!


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  1. That wreath is cute...is it made with clothespins?