Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saw It, Pinned It, Did It: St. Patrick's Day Printable

By now, you may have realized that I have a slight obsession with printables.  If you haven't noticed my obsession, see here, here, and here.  Today is no different.  I'm linking up with Steph and Katie to show off my St. Patrick's Day printable.

Original Pin:

The pin brings you to a site that has both of the printables shown in two different sizes.  I choose the "Kiss Me" printable because it was a 5x7 and would fit perfectly in my frame.

So, all you do is print it (I always print mine on cardstock), cut it out, and insert in your frame.  Super easy and super cheap holiday decorations!  Here's what mine looks like on display in my living room:

Be sure to check all of the other great SPD ideas from other amazing bloggers!


  1. Festive idea! Love it!

  2. Fun! I need to get something festive up around my house. I actually still have a snowman sitting out. Woops! :P