Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wedding Registries

Yesterday, Kevin and I went and registered for wedding gifts.  I was super excited for this part of our wedding planning.  We registered at Target (obviously) and Bed Bath & Beyond.  I had set up both registries online before we actually went to the store, hoping it would save us a little time.  We went to Target first and we had a blast in there.  The Target employee gave us the "gun" and let us go to town!  We found lots of stuff that we wanted (of course) and left Target feeling excited for BB&B.

At BB&B, the employees were super friendly and gave us lots of information about the store, products, wedding registries, etc.  Then they gave us the gun and let us go to work.  They kept "checking" on us and suggesting stuff to us.  Now, I know they were just doing their job and being helpful, but I did end up get a little annoyed.  I mean we don't need an $800 set of dishes.  We have dishes that are nice and that we like.  We don't need a $250 set of silverware (or "flatware" as I've now known them to be called).  We just registered for silverware at Target ;)  By the time we left BB&B, we were pretty worn out from all of the registering...if I did it over, I'd probably just register at one place and go to the second one on a different day.

But we're done registering, yay!  I have a feeling I'll be adding things to the registries online as I think of them.  We realized that it was a little harder for us to register for stuff because we already have a house and have many of the things we need.  But, it is nice to register for new things to replace some of the old.  And to register for things we still need, or things we wouldn't normally buy ourselves.

After that, we went to the food court in the mall for dinner and then rented movies.  We rented "The Watch" and it was pretty good - I recommend it if you like funny movies.

Hope everyone had a great Friday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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