Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving (Yes, I know I'm a little Late...)

Thanksgiving and the weekend came and went so fast, I can't believe it's over already!  Kevin and I went to Muskegon to our parents for the weekend.  We had three, yes THREE, Thanksgiving dinners on Thanksgiving day.  We started out at my parents, then went to his Dad's, and finished the night at his mom's. Yes, I ate at all three...I was stuffed by the end of the night!

Friday morning my mom, my sister, and I got up and did some Black Friday shopping.  I didn't really get a whole of Christmas shopping done, which was my goal, but it was still fun, and I got some stuff for myself which is always good :)  If you follow me on Instagram (erickamarie87), you saw the super savings I got at Kohls on Black Friday, but in case you missed it, here it is again.  I love how Kohls prints the amount you saved on the receipt...makes me feel so much better about spending my money!

My sister flew back to Tennesse on Saturday, so I said goodbye to her and then spent the day at Kevin's mom's house.  I came home on Sunday morning to try and get some stuff done around my house.  I caught up on laundry, put everything away from the weekend, and put the Christmas tree up!

I put up some Christmas decorations, but still have more to do.  I also wrapped a few Christmas presents the other night...can you tell I'm excited for Christmas?  I'll take better pictures (you know, ones that aren't from my phone) of the tree and our decorations and post them soon.

As far as wedding plans go, I'm getting everything together to send out save-the-dates this week.  I can't wait to check that off the "wedding to-do" list!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and TGIF (tomorrow)!

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