Monday, August 10, 2015

Wedding Weekend

We spent the majority of the weekend in our home town for a friend's wedding on Saturday night.  Before the wedding festivities started, I went with my mom and sister to see my Aunt & Uncle's new puppy, Twiggy.  She's a mix and is super cute!  I was too busy playing with her and getting puppy kisses, and totally didn't take any pictures.  Oops!  I did get pics from the afternoon/evening of the wedding:

Kevin and I before heading to the wedding.

Waiting for the reception to start (someone tell me how to tame the major frizz I have going on???)

Me and Lisa (sister-in-law)

Me, Lisa, and Joni (mother-in-law)

The beautiful bride and groom during their first dance.

Joni putting baby CJ to sleep!

Kevin and CJ hanging out :)

Kait, Lisa, and me
After the wedding, Kevin and I went with his cousin and his fiance to see a late showing of Trainwreck.  Kevin and I were actually disappointed because we didn't really think the movie was that good.  There were some funny parts, but it was more serious than we expected.

We headed back home Saturday night and slept in on Sunday since we didn't get home until pretty late.  We finished a project we had been working on (I will share soon), went grocery shopping, caught up on laundry, and enjoyed some relaxation on the couch.

I hope you had a great weekend!  Happy Monday!


  1. CJ is the cutest!!! What a fun weekend, and your hair looked AWESOME!

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love your hair!! :) I'm glad I found your blog through another person that had your button. I followed you on blog lovin', google connect, and instagram so that I could keep up with your posts! If you want, you should stop by and follow along as well!

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