Friday, April 3, 2015

Five on Friday

Let's just get right to it today....

ONE.  I have today off from work and am super excited about having a three day weekend!  Am I doing anything fun on my day off?  Not really....just catching up on everything I can't get done when I'm at work all week.  Including a visit to the bank, a hair cut, and Admiral's annual trip to the vet.  But I'm happy to have the day to catch up on life :)

TWO.  Admiral was able to pick out a new treat to try from (ok, we picked it out, but I'm sure this would have been his choice too).  Admiral received the Merrick Grammy's Pot Pie treats and he LOVES them! was also nice enough to send a toy along.  I tried to take a pic of Admiral with his new treats and toy, but it did not go well.  He could not sit still and just want to get in to the treats and play with the toy!

When Admiral's friend (my parent's dog) Rambo came over to play, they boy had fun playing tug-of-war with the toy and they both loved the treats.  I love that Merrick Products have local growers and are made with real whole foods.  I feel comfortable giving Admiral their treats because I know they are good for him.

THREE.  I'm hosting another Pinterest Party in a couple of weeks!  (You can read about the first one HERE.)  I've decided what we are going to make, but I also want to make a fun drink to share.  I was thinking of making some kind of sangria, but I've never made it before.  So I need your help!  Do you have a sangria recipe that I need to try?  Please share!  I've found a few on Pinterest that look good, but want to hear from you!  (If you are curious, here's the recipe I'm leaning towards using: Skinny Sangria Recipe)

FOUR.  How cute is this Easter Bunny Banner from Like the Cheese?  I need to make this for next year!

DIY Easter Bunny Banner | with Template
FIVE.  One of my best friends is having her baby today!  I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl, and then go cuddle him or her :)  I'm sure it will totally give me baby fever...and then I think about that responsibility...I think having a dog is enough for me for now!

Mason Jar Gift Ideas, great idea for friends and work colleagues, going to do this this year!
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Most of my family left for Spring Break, so no big Easter get together with my family this year.  We will spend Easter Sunday in church and then having lunch with Kevin's family.  What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. I love that Easter banner! I plan on making one with glitter paper:)

  2. Haha I love the dog ecard - I'm so with you with regard to my cats. I love that bunny banner, I made a similar one with paint chips last year and it's definitely my favorite Easter decoration :)

  3. Admiral is so adorable; I can’t even take the cutness! Stella loves her chewy treats! I also love getting my pup together with my parents dog to play! That bunny banner looks so cute and not too hard!

  4. I totally know what you mean about needing a day off just to catch up on "life stuff". I hope you enjoy the break! I know I always feel awesome after I go to the salon for a hair cut. :) That bunny garland is super cute. I think I might add that to my ideas for next year's decor, too.
    Happy Easter!!

    xo Always, Abby