Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Room Challenge: Week 5 Update

I can't believe there is only one more week left!  I definitely didn't get as much done as I had hoped in my room.  This week all I've done is replace the knobs/handles on our closet.  It's definitely a noticeable change though, because my husband even noticed....and that never happens!  I am REALLY hoping to get the dresser handles replaced this weekend and white cord covers for the lamps.  I also want to clear off/organize our dressers and hang somethings on the wall.

Here is the before and after of the closet doors with the new handles.  I apologize for the horrible photos...I do not have a good camera and I took the photos in the morning when it was still dark.

 I like that the closet handles, curtain rods, lamps, and (soon to be) dresser pulls all have the brushed nickel finish.  I think it really helps tie it all together.  I now want to replace the handle on the door to the room too-to make it brushed nickel, which then means I should update ALL of the handles on ALL of the doors in the house so they all match.  It's amazing how doing one project can lead to so many other ideas.

Here is my checklist so far. I've checked a few things off, but I've also added things I now want to do.  There is no way all of this will be done in time for next week, but it's a running list of things I want to do in this room.  I'm hoping even after the One Room Challenge is over, I can keep crossing at least one thing off the list every week until it's done.

- Touch up paint on walls and trim that need it.
- Caulk trim and wood paneled wall where needed.
- Purchase and hang curtains.-
- Replace drawer pulls on dressers.
- Replace handles on closet doors.
- Hang things on the wall/decorate the room.
- De-clutter and organize dressers.
- Get white cord covers for the lamp cords on the headboard.
- Paint dressers white (leave top dark wood).
- Add pop of another color to room.
- Revamp closet to maximize storage.
- Add hanging mirror/jewelry storage.

Make sure you come back next week to see the before and after pictures of the entire room since I started this One Room Challenge.

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  1. Love the handles! I cant wait until the closet revamp! I would love to revamp our closet, too!

    1. Thanks! The closet revamp is definitely on my list to do this winter. Right now we spend our weekends cleaning up leaves, so once that is done, I plan to get to work on the bigger projects in this room.

  2. I like the new closet handles! Hopefully you'll be able to get the dresser handles replaced this weekend and find some white cord covers for the lamps, plus artwork. I think those few things will make a huge difference in the room! Good luck!

  3. The doors look really nice with the new handles! I'm looking forward to seeing all of it next week. :)

  4. Love the new knobs!! I'm always shocked at such the difference that it makes!

  5. Doors look great- looking forward to your reveal:)