Monday, December 23, 2013

Weekend in Photos

**Before I start this post, I have to ask for some prayers for a friend.  We got a call Saturday morning from one of our friends (he was an usher in our wedding), telling us that his brother had been shot and killed.  It breaks my heart.  Some people showed up uninvited to a party and were asked to leave.  They left, but came back and fired shots.  Four people were shot, one was killed.  This family should not have to be going through this right now.  If you could maybe send some thoughts and prayers their way, it would be greatly appreciated.**

We spent the weekend out of town at our parents since our siblings were here from out of state.  Here's the recap in photos:

I had a snow/ice day on Friday, so work was closed and I spent the day wrapping presents and baking.  I had a great little helper when I was wrapping presents. Sometimes he supervised and sometimes he helped.

helping wrap
finally have presents under the tree
Kevin surprised me on Friday with beautiful diamond and amethyst earrings.  I love them!!!

 We headed to Kevin's mom's on Friday night.  This is the tree at her house.

 On Sunday we went to my parents and Admiral got to hang out with my sister's dog, Lambert.  

 We came home Sunday night because we both have to work today.  I used this recipe to make some peppermint chocolate cookies.  Super easy and they taste great too!

I hope you had a great weekend.  In case I don't pop in before Christmas, I hope you have a great Christmas and get to enjoy time with your family and friends!

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