Friday, December 20, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I'm linking up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday and you should too!

ONE.  No work for me today!  My work closed due to icy road conditions, so I'll be spending the day wrapping presents, baking Christmas cookies, and doing laundry.  Sounds like a great day to me :)

TWO.  I love how cozy our living room feels with all the Christmas decorations.  I love just having the lights from our tree and some candles be the only light in the room.  And I love the smell of the pine scented candles I have out right now.

THREE.  We've had quite a bit of snow fall here in Michigan lately, and Admiral LOVES playing in it.  He loves to burry his face in the snow and sniff around.  I think he looks adorable with his furry, snow covered face.

FOUR.  In our fall photos post I mentioned that one of the photos made it in to our Christmas card.  I didn't have enough time to order photo cards (next year), so I just printed copies and put one in each card.  Here is the photo that we chose to include:

Of course we had to choose one with our four-legged child :)

FIVE.  We are headed to our parents' houses this weekend to see our siblings that are coming from out of state, so we are really looking forward to that.  Hope you enjoy the last weekend before Christmas!


  1. Such a cute picture! Merry Christmas!

  2. The family photo looks great! And what a fun pic of Admiral!!