Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New Bed!

Our new bed was delivered yesterday and I am soooo happy to have it!  

If you missed the story of why we got a new bed here it is:  We've had our old bed for a little over three years and a few months ago the box spring started getting squeaky and continually got worse.  It was to the point where we couldn't sleep well because any time either of us would move (I'm talking barely move), the bed would squeak.  Also, when we had all of our stuff stored at Kevin's mom's, our mattress was leaned against the wall the whole time, so the mattress is shaped a little weird now.  It's not uncomfortable by any means, just not quite the right shape.  So we decided it was time for a new bed.

We put the old bed upstairs in our guest bedroom.  Hopefully we can figure out a way to fix the squeaking eventually, but for now, we are loving our new bed!  Putting a bed in our guest room means it's actually a "real" guest room now.  I mean at least it has a bed.  There are still a million things I want to do in there.  That will be a slow moving project, I'm sure.

We went with a King Koil because the guy at Mattress World (which is now becoming Art Van) said King Koil frames are built by the Amish, and aren't just nailed/screwed together, they are glued, which doesn't allow for squeaking...I sure hope he's right!

It looks exactly the same because it is the same size (Queen) as our old bed, but we both slept soooo much better last night, it was amazing!

Guest Room

Master Bedroom

I know, it might sound crazy that I'm so excited about a new bed, but it's hard not be excited about getting a good night's sleep.


  1. That's a very exciting thing! A new bed changes so much! Enjoy it :)

  2. What a treat! I remember when hubby and I got our new bed, such a change in our sleep.

  3. So jealous of you and your new that weird? haha but so exciting for you and your guest room!