Friday, November 22, 2013

5 on Friday

Another Friday has arrived!  Are you ready for a short work week next week?  Followed by food, family, and fun?  I know I am!

Once again I'm linking up with ChristinaDarciApril, and Natasha for 5 on Friday and you should too!

ONE.  There is still time to enter my Treat giveaway!  Just click here to enter.  You can enter to win a cute mug and personalized stationary for yourself or use it as a Christmas gift for someone special.  Make sure you enter today!

You could win a cute mug like this one AND personalized stationary!
TWO.  Admiral is getting a bath and a hair cut tomorrow, just in time for the holidays!  He's starting to get a little shaggy, so it's time for him to get cleaned up.

Look at that sweet face.  I could just cuddle him all day!
THREE.  Check back here tomorrow to read about a fun holiday nail polish swap I participated in!  I can't wait to show off what I got!

FOUR.  I know everyone is excited about decorating for Christmas, and many people have already started, but I just can't bring myself to do it until AFTER Thanksgiving.  But you better believe that after I get done shopping on Black Friday, I'll be bringing up the boxes of Christmas decorations!  Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

FIVE.  Speaking of Black Friday, how many of you go shopping that day?  My mom, sister, aunt and I always go.  We never go for the big items that you have to wait in line for, but we always have fun and seem to find good deals.  It's a tradition in our family and I can't wait for it this year!


  1. yay! just entered the giveaway!! :) and admiral is so stinkin cute!!! xx

  2. We do Black Friday shopping and then bust out the decorations too, however, I am itching to get mine up this weekend! We will see what happens :) Happy Friday!

  3. Oh geez that ecard is absolutely perfect! I did it once a few years back for a TV but haven't since. My sister has three kiddos and goes every year, raving that she knocks out their gifts! -ps admiral is fabulous!

  4. Your pup is adorable!! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  5. I don't put out our Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving either! I'll probably start decorating next weekend. I love Black Friday shopping. I've bought big items a couple times, but usually just go for the smaller stuff like movies.

  6. Look at that puppy face! Adorable! Happy Friday!

  7. My mom and I always shop Black Friday. I love the tradition and time we get to spend together. That ecard is hilarious--I'm a sucker for ecards!