Monday, November 18, 2013

Leaves, Thor, and a Tornado?

This weekend was filled with leaves.  We picked up a lot of them over Friday/Saturday.  I had a half-day Friday because I had to work on Saturday, so I raked/picked up the leaves in the back yard.  Kevin raked/picked up the front yard while I was at work on Saturday.  Team work is what it's all about!

After I got done working, we went and saw Thor: The Dark World (it was great-I really liked it) and then went to out to dinner at a local bar/restaurant.  Kevin got pizza and bread sticks and I got a grilled shrimp salad.  I told you I'm serious about this eating healthy thing, and I didn't even have a bite of his food.  I've been doing good and feeling great with healthy eating, so I don't want to ruin it with one meal.  I'll save that for Thanksgiving :)

Sunday I went grocery shopping and got some Christmas shopping done.  I decided that my goal is to be done Christmas shopping by December 1.  I've never been done that early, so we'll see what happens.  After grocery shopping, we had a lazy Sunday and watched football all day.  It was wonderful.  Except for the bad weather.  We had severe thunderstorm, wind, and tornado warnings all day.  Luckily, we didn't get hit too hard where we live, and we never even lost power.

Oh, I also put this cute printable up in my living room last week and I LOVE it.  It's free, so you should follow the pin to the link and print one for you house too.

Hope you had a great weekend and happy Monday!


  1. Hopefully the wind and thunderstorms didn't ruin your hard work from Friday/Saturday... we're experiencing that now with the wind blowing leaves back into our yard after we cleaned them up. Tornado Warnings always scare the crap outta me, glad you guys were okay!

  2. Tornado warnings are super scary!!! I hate them any time, but especially in months that you don't expect them! That printable is totally cute!

  3. Good to know the new Thor movie is husband REALLY wants to see it! And you go girl for eating healthy. Save it all for Thanksgiving!