Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Love My Dog

It's been a while since I had a post devoted to my dog, The Admiral.  Yes, I'm devoting an entire blog post to my dog today...because I can.  And because I love my dog like he is my child.

Here are some pics of Admiral over the past couple of weeks (because I know you're just dying to know what he's been up to):
Cuddling while we watched opening day of baseball.  Go Tigers!

Very muddy after playing at the dog park.

Good Morning!

Sleepy boy

Hi Mom!

One of these is not a stuffed animal...

How can I ever say no to that adorable face?!?
Admiral has such a personality.  I swear he thinks he is human sometimes!  The unconditional love that he gives is amazing.  If I'm having a bad day, I'm instantly in a better mood when I come home to his sweet face, cuddles, and kisses.  

Do you have a dog or another pet that you feel this way about?



  1. He is such a good dog and you are a great mom to him!

  2. Where would we be without our babies! I love this!