Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bridal Shower #2

My family threw a bridal shower for me on March 24.  It was organized by my Aunt Liz, Aunt Laurie, and my sister, and it was at my Aunt Liz's house.  I have a ton of pictures from this shower, so I will let those speak for themselves (for the most part).  There was lots of purple (our wedding colors), delicious food, cake, cupcakes, and tons of presents!  I think the best part though, was seeing how many people came.  It was amazing to me that so many people came out to celebrate with me!  So as I said, here are lots of pics from the day:

Me and my Grandma
Soooo many gifts!
Opening our gifts from one of the "games"
Holding my BFF Kristen's baby boy Cam :)  He is seriously the cutest baby ever!
Time to start opening gifts!
Some of the guests
Kevin's grandma

From my cousin Nichole - duck tape to keep him quiet and beer to tone him out :)  Love it!

My grandma got me sexy undies :)  My family is crazy!
My sister holding Cam

Cupcakes that my sister made in the shape of a wedding dress and some with our wedding date!
Beautiful carrot cake - my favorite!

It was a wonderful shower.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  My family did such an amazing job putting this together for me and I appreciate it more than they know!


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  1. what a wonderful bridal shower number 2! That cupcake dress is so creative.