Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap: Softball & Target

Our weather in Michigan was beautiful this weekend!  I hope yours was too.  This weekend, Kevin and I played in a softball tournament.  We had to leave early Saturday morning, so Friday night was spent at home with pizza and TV.  

We left early Saturday morning to head up to the softball tournament.  We ended up losing our first two games, which meant we were out of the tournament.  We were bummed to have lost, but we had a lot of fun playing and it was a beautiful day to be outside playing softball!  When we got home from softball, I ran to Target to get a few groceries and to pick up this rug I wanted for our living room (which just happened to be on sale).

I LOVE this rug in our living room.  Things are slowly starting to come together in that room and in the rest of our house.  On Sunday I did laundry and did some organizing around our house.  I should have taken some before and after photos, but I didn't...I organized our "junk drawer" in our kitchen, a little bit in our pantry, and my belts and scarves in our bedroom.

It was a good weekend with great weather and I'm looking forward to another fun weekend this's MooseFest time!  If you don't know what MooseFest is, check out my Birthday Bash posts here and here, and imagine that on a much smaller scale :)

Happy Monday!


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  1. I love that rug, so pretty! It really fits your room nicely. Sounds like you had a really productive weekend!

  2. I love that rug! Its so cute!

  3. love the rug! and love productive weekends :)

  4. That rub goes great with all of the black (couches, frames, etc) in your room. It accents it perfectly. Bummer on losing, but they good times and exercise right?! Have a good week!!!