Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Admiral's Favorite Things - Part 2

About a month ago I shared some of Admiral's favorite things and I'm linking up with Adriana from Dog Hair is an Accessory to share Admiral's Favorite Things Part 2!

Admiral LOVES to cuddle.  He hasn't always loved to cuddle.  I used to try so hard to get him to cuddle in bed with me at night, and he would lay there for about 2 minutes and then go sleep on the floor.  But ever since we moved in to our house, he has LOVED sleeping in the bed with us and cuddling.

This is not a posed picture...they were literally sleeping in bed like this.

Cuddling with my Dad.

Sticks are another one of Admiral's favorite things.  He doesn't eat them (usually).  He likes to run around with one in his mouth, hoping someone will chase him.  And he likes to shred them. He loves ripping the bark off the stick, and then ripping the stick in to little tiny pieces that he leaves all over the yard.  And as you can see, the bigger the stick, the better.

Tennis Balls.  Admiral loves tennis balls and playing fetch.  He would play fetch all day if you let him.  He is not allowed to have tennis balls in the house any more, because he just kicks them under the couch and then stares at you until you get it out for him.  And then he kicks it under again...and the cycle continues.  So we said the tennis balls have to stay outside.  So he knows when we grab the chuck it, it's time to play fetch!

Does your pet share some of these favorite things?  Do they have other things that they love?


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  1. Awwww, I love all the cuddle pictures. I can tell he is like your child. Admiral is so cute!!!

  2. Admirable is adorable! One of our dogs also loves tennis balls. She throws them around so that they bounce against chair legs and other furniture and then go rolling again...basically she can play ball with herself!

    (Also, this is embarrassing, but I am new to reading your blog and when I started reading the second paragraph, I couldn't tell at first if Admiral was your dog or your nickname for your husband. I was briefly wondering why you wanted him to sleep with an "us". Sorry, haven't had my coffee yet! *blush*)

  3. Okay Admirable is so floppy - SO CUTE! He looks like the most cuddly dog EVER!

    <3, Charlotte

  4. AW! I bet Admiral is is the best cuddle buddy! Too. Freaking. Cute!

  5. UMMM the cuddling pictures? DYING he's like a throw blanket! He must keep you guys warm! And yes, Lil is all about fetch 24/7 no matter how tired she is!

  6. Ah, the tennis ball under the couch trick? That's my Winnie. Her tennis balls have to go in a basket on top of the fridge when she comes inside. I'm glad she's not the only one who does that, but it sure is annoying!!