Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Re-Cap

I know I'm a little late with this post.  Ok.  A LOT late.  But things were so crazy busy over the Christmas and New Year's holidays, that I decided to wait and try to re-cap everything when it slowed down a little.  I'll do Christmas and New Year's in two separate posts so I don't overwhelm you ;)

Kevin and I went to our parents for the entire 4 (5 for me) day weekend of Christmas. His brother was in town and my sister was in town, so we spent all of our days off spending time with family and going to Christmas parties.  And guess what?  I forgot my camera!!  So the only pictures I have are from my phone.  If you follow me on Instagram (erickamarie87) you might have seen some of these already.  My mom and sister had their cameras, so I'm tagged in some of their pictures on facebook.

Friday we had a Christmas party at work, and there is a contest for "Most Creative Holiday Attire."  The girls on my floor decided we would dress up like Christmas Trees...needless to say, we won the contest:

I painted my nails green and red with a hint of silver for Christmas, and did a very sloppy job of it:

On December 23, Kevin's family had a bridal shower for me.  One of Kevin's Aunt & Uncle are living in China right now, so this was the only time that they would be home before the wedding, so they decided to do the shower when everyone could be there.  Here is a picture of all of the WONDERFUL gifts we received!

My Dad, sister, and myself took a trip to the casino Christmas Eve morning...and we all left winners!!!

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with Kevin's Dad's side of the family and then Kevin came to my parents and opened his gifts from my parents and my sister.  My parents got Kevin two Nerf guns...have I ever mentioned he is just a kid trapped in an almost 25-year-old's body?  So we spent part of the night trying to shoot an empty beer can off a chair with the Nerf guns:

Admiral and I on Christmas Eve:

On Christmas day, I opened presents with my parents and my sister, then went to Kevin's dad's to open presents, and then to my Grandma's for our family Christmas party.  Kevin had to head back to our house after that because he had to work the next day.  I took the day off to go shopping :)

I did go shopping the day after Christmas and got some good deals, but nothing too exciting.  I was so excited to go shopping and then when it finally came time to go, I was so worn out from the busy weekend, that we only went to three stores and then I was ready to be done!

Random: Admiral loves sticks.  He loves to carry them around and he loves people to chase him to try and get the stick.  My parents have a wood burning stove to heat their house.  So Admiral went in the basement to help my dad load the fire, and he came up with this.  He was very proud.

Kevin's brother and his wife are currently on vacation in Hawaii (late honeymoon), so we are watching their puppy, Nera.  She is actually Admiral's sister, just from a different litter.  We took her back to our house with us after Christmas and will have her until the 14th.  Her and Admiral have so much fun playing together, they tire themselves out and love to nap together.

And that is my Christmas in photos :)  I'll post my New Year's re-cap later this week!

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