Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tree & Decorations

This year we have our first Christmas tree for our first Christmas in our house!  I was excited to start decorating for Christmas, and then I realized that I really don't have very many Christmas decorations.  Our apartment wasn't big enough to have tons of decorations, so I never really bought any.  So this year, I am super excited to hit up some great day-after-Christmas sales to get lots of decorations for next year.  Here are some pictures of our tree and the decorations at our house this year.  Enjoy!

Of course I have to start with The Admiral.  He is wearing his Christmas shirt and collar:

 Cute Christmas printable I found here:

 Lantern from IKEA + glitter Christmas ornaments = Cute, easy, and cheap Christmas decoration!

A couple pics of the tree


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  3. Happy holidays, that tree is so beautiful. Actually right now I am in the look of some beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas for our own tree this christmas 2013 and I saw this post. Just gave me inspirations. Thanks!

    Anne Walker