Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo Wall

I finally put something up on the walls in our house!  I had a mirror, some frames, and a couple of shelves that I wanted to hang together to create a little photo wall.  Since all of the frames and shelves were black, I decided to hang them in the living room, since they matched everything in there.

I first laid everything out on the floor to figure out how I wanted it.  Then I tried using this technique to make hanging them easy.  However, for me it didn't work very well.  I taped my sheets of wax paper together on the floor and just marked where the nails should go.  Then when I went to hang it on the wall, they wouldn't stay together and I got frustrated and just threw the wax paper away and decided to do it the old fashioned way (yes, I'm stubborn).  After reading the post about how to hang it with wax paper, I would do it differently next time.  I wouldn't tape the wax paper together on the floor, and I would outline the entire frame/shelf and where the nails go.  Then I could hang each sheet of wax paper up separately and I think it would work better.

So after some pencil marks on the wall, many incorrect nail holes (nothing ended up level when I did it), and getting my fiance to help, we finally got everything hung up!  The bottom shelf is higher than I really wanted it, but I also didn't want it too low so people hit it every time they sat on the couch.  So it's staying how it is.

I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I just need to find some pictures to put in the rest of the frames.  I have one of our engagement pics in a frame and a cute fall printable I found here.  I just printed mine on plain white copy paper.  It might have looked a little better printed on photo paper or something, but I'm happy with it (sorry the photo quality is so bad).  Right now our living room colors are black, tan, and green.  I have some green frames I want to incorporate somehow, but I'm not sure how to do that yet.

I want to paint the living room someday, but it's not a priority right now, so I decided it was time to start decorating!  I think that's why I have nothing up on any other walls, because I want to paint them first.  I'm hoping to paint the bedroom and the trim in the breezeway this weekend, so I'll post pics if I get them done!


  1. when you hang stuff use toothpaste to mark where the nails go! it works great :)