Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Wedding!

I feel like I've been so excited about the house and busy getting everything situated, that the wedding plans have taken a back seat.  I've finally realized that the house is always going to be a work in progress and I can't get it perfect in a week.  So here is an update about the wedding plans so far.

We've got most of the big things done (if I'm missing something, PLEASE tell me).  We have the church and hall booked, photographer booked (Horizon Photography - can't wait to work with her!), got my dress, DJ and photobooth booked, and we have a food tasting with the caterer in a couple of weeks.  I still need to pick out my bridesmaides dresses, but I plan on doing that in the next month or two when my sister is in town so she can come with (she lives in Tennessee).  We also need to figure out who is going to do our cake  - any suggestions?

Our main color is going to be dark purple, with accents of lighter shades of purple and ivory.  I've found the checklist tool at to be very helpful with keeping on top of everything.  Our wedding date is June 29, 2013, and even though that means we have a little over 9 months, I know it is going to go by super quick!  If anyone has any advice on ANYTHING wedding related, I'd love to hear it!

I'll try to update when new things happen with the wedding planning.  I have lots of ideas for on my pinterest wedding board, so hopefully things will start falling in to place :)

We also have our engagement photos done - thanks to Catherine Jeter Photogrpahy.  I'll leave with you some of my favorites from our shoot:

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