Thursday, June 26, 2014

Running Update (and cute workout clothes)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about how I was finally starting to enjoy running.  About the time I posted that, I started having some pain in my left heel.  It gradually got worse and there were a couple of days where it was awful.  I asked some of my running friends if it was "normal."  I thought since I had started running more, it was just sore and had to get used to me running.  After some people thought it could be heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, I decided to call the doctor and get it looked at.  I also stopped running.  By the time I got in to the doctor, I hadn't ran in 5 days and it was actually feeling better.  Luckily, the doctor didn't think it was plantar fasciitis and I had an x-ray done to rule out heel spurs or a fracture.  She told me not to run for a full week, so I gave it 10 days.  My heel feels pretty much back to normal now and I've started running again (yay!).

The point of that whole story was that, again, I realized that I am enjoying running.  I missed running during those 10 days of letting my foot rest.  I did a couple of easy workouts at home during that time, but I really missed the running part.  I'm so glad I'm back at it now and pretty much pain free--hoping it stays that way!

Now that I've been running more, I think it totally justifies some cute workout clothes, right?  Please convince my husband of that :)  So here are some cute workout clothes that I'm drooling over right now.  Everything except the shoes can be found at Old Navy.  I'm a big fan of their active wear and their prices!

Cute Workout Gear

Where are you favorite places to shop for cute workout clothes?


  1. I love the grey hoodie - this really makes me wish we had an Old Navy here in Australia!

  2. I miss running a lot when I stop doing it for a while! Its really addictive.

  3. Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop for workout clothes too!! They have such great prices and really good quality stuff. Another place I love to shop is Academy Sports. They have brand name clothing for much better prices than other athletic stores.
    I joined the link up today too and my post was about athletic clothing and "essentials" ;) Looks like both of us are itching for a shopping trip!!

  4. Seriously, I keep reading posts about cute workout clothes, and now I'm ready to go shop! I love that orange top you posted. I'll have to check out Old Navy!

  5. Love the blue tank and the shoes! I wish I could get away with wearing workout clothes everyday!

  6. Those capris are so cute!! I usually find super cute workout clothes for a reasonable price at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I definitely that that enjoying running is an accomplishment that should be celebrated with new workout clothes! Plus, cute running gear is proven to make you run faster. ;p

  7. Glad your foot is feeling better- I'm currently nursing an ankle flare up and it stinks! I have come to realize minor injuries are just part of the working out process. Anyway- cute clothing always makes working out better, right? I always feel good when I have a cute outfit going on. :) I love the blue tank the best!

    xo Always, Abby

  8. I LOVE each and every one of these looks! Congratulations also on your Anniversary! xoxo