Thursday, March 13, 2014

I Can't Say No to That Face

Does your dog (or other pet) give you that face that you just can't say no to?  The one with the big, brown, sad eyes that is just so adorable, you give in?  Mine does.  He has the face perfected and it gets my husband and I every time.  Whether it's because he wants to play, wants some popcorn, or wants to go cuddle in bed, he usually gets whatever it is.  Or he gives us that face when he's done something he knows is naughty and I can't help but laugh.  Is that a good thing?  Probably not, but I mean, you tell me if you could say no to this face:

The "I'm sorry I got really muddy at the dog park" face.

The "I know I shouldn't have this washcloth, but look how cute I am" face.
The "Mom, please take this dumb costume off me" face.

 And the best face of all (the one that we get most of the time, but I can't ever capture it on camera):
The "Mom, please play with me and my toy" face.

 That look when he tips his head down and looks up at you with those big gets me.  Does your pet give a face like that??

Jade and Oak


  1. That one with him and the wash cloth is too cute. I don't think I could say no to that cute face either, hehe :)

  2. aw so cute! yeah my dogs have perfected the "look" too - so funny. they'll be bad but then give me the sad eyes and I can't be mad! thanks for linking up :)

  3. Oh my goodness, yes!! Cannot say no, ha. Love the cute pictures

  4. My dog does that all the time! Especially if we have the cat in our lap she'll come over, put her head in our lap, and give us that sad look! Or as I'm leaving for work or somewhere else she'll give me the sad look too. Kills me!

  5. I can't say no the THE face either! I especially couldn't say no to this one! So cute!

  6. My little Lucy gives me "the face" every time i make popcorn.Of course I always give in! It makes me wonder if my kids will turn out to be spoiled brats.

  7. oh the face, so cute + hard to resist!

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  8. Ah your doodle is such a similar color too mine! Love doodles!