Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

I don't think I ever shared the way I asked my girls to be in my wedding, so I'm showing you today!  It's nothing too exciting, just something small and cute (at least I thought so).  Between my maid of honor and four bridesmaids, they live in four different states, so I never know when I'm going to see them.  I wanted something I could easily mail to those who were out of state, so of course I started searching etsy for ideas.

I found this cute etsy shop called Your Happily Ever After, which has tons of cute cards, so I decided to order some and give them to my girls.  Here is what they looked like.  This one was for my sister who is my Maid of Honor.

Sorry for the pic quality...I stole it from my sister's Facebook :)

These cards were a fun little way to officially ask my best friends to be a party of my wedding.  Did you do anything special to ask your friends to be in your wedding?  Have you ever been asked in a fun way?

- Ericka

P.S.  I get to pick up my wedding dress tonight from alterations!  I can't wait to see how it looks now that it's done!!!


  1. Hi Erica! I'm Ginny from Buttergirl Diaries...I just found you on Belle in Boots! Loved your comment! I can't wait to write a post like that too after I get married. My girls are drama free so I don't think it will be as juicy. I saw you are engaged too! Congrats! Your wedding is so soon!

    I haven't even tried on my dress yet since ordering. It should be here ANY. DAY! So excited and antsy :) I'm sure you are thrilled to be picking it up today and finally having it in your posession:)

    I wrote a post today about how facebook, cell phones, and weddings can mix together and ruin your wedding day! A definite must read:)

    Following you now and can't wait to read more about all of the great wedding stuff! :)


  2. Aw, I love these! The fonts and the glitter are so pretty! Have fun picking up your dress! Woohoo!

  3. yay i love it!! put glitter on it, and i'm sure to drool. so exciting about your dress! you're going to be such a beauty!!