Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Reply/RSVP Cards

We sent out our wedding invitations a few weeks ago, and if you remember, we bought the kits from Hobby Lobby and printed them ourselves.  We printed the invitations AND the reply cards, so we were able to personalize them a little.  I had seen these on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do something fun like that on ours:

And this is what our reply/RSVP cards ended up looking like:

It was super easy to add that extra line to request a song and I have enjoyed seeing what songs our guests have been requesting.  My goal is to compile a list of songs to give to our DJ that I know our guests want to hear, and of course Kevin and I will add our own requests to it.  I'm so glad we decided to add this to our reply cards!

Did you do anything fun on your reply cards or wedding invitations?  Have you seen anything unique on someone else's reply cards or wedding invitations?

- Ericka


  1. I love that you added the song request line on there! I saw that on Pinterest a while back & will definitely be doing the same one day!!