Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

I'm starting my weekend recap with Thursday night, because when I got home from work, these babies were in my mailbox:

Can't wait for August 6!!!!

Friday night was our usual pizza night at home, nothing eventful.  Saturday morning we got up and ran some errands and then went to marriage counseling.  Saturday night I watched SNL since Justin Timberlake was on it.  I thought he did a pretty good he should have, since it was his 5th time hosting!

Admiral wasn't too impressed because this is what he did for the entire show:

Sunday my dad and I went to the casino.  My dad and I love going to the casino together, we always have a lot of fun and Sunday night was no different.  However, it would have been a lot more fun if we would have left winners, but maybe next time!

I also did some fun Easter crafts this weekend that I'll be sharing later this week, so make sure you check back for those.  Happy Monday!

- Ericka


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  1. He is freaking hilarious.i love Justin! I loved the snl he did with lady gaga.