Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here Goes Nothing....

I finally decided to join the blog world...this should be interesting ;)  The layout of this blog is still a work in progress...I promise it will get prettier with time (after I learn what the heck I'm doing--any tips are appreciated)!  I'm not loving the name of my blog, but the perfect name hasn't come to me I'm sticking with "This Crazy Thing Called Life" for now.

This first post will bring you up to speed on me and my life right now.  So lets just dive right in!

I'm a twenty-something small town girl who met a great guy five years ago.  He proposed in March and we  are getting married June 2013.  I couldn't be more happy and excited!  But let me tell you, planning a wedding is so much more stressful than I ever expected.  If I was rich, I would totally hire a wedding planner!  This is one reason I started this share my wedding planning with you all.  I'm sure I'll be asking for advice along the way too.

Like I said, I'm from a small town, and two years ago I moved to a "big" city for a job (it's big compared to the town where I grew up).  I've learned the area, and now it doesn't seem quite so big, but it's great and I love it! After living in two apartments over the past two years, my fiance and I decided we were ready to buy a house.  I always thought that house hunting would be soooo much fun!  But let me tell you, it is a stressful process and it definitely doesn't happen over night--that's a story for a different post.  This is another reason for starting this you can all experience my first-time home buying process with me.  I have so many great ideas for the house from Pinterest that I just can't wait to try and share with you all :)

So that's my life in a nut shell.  I'll give you more wedding planning and house buying details through the next few posts.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. YAY!!! I can't wait to read all about your adventures!!